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 Introducing Salt Creek, Inc.

 Salt Creek manufactures and markets speciality feeds for aquaculture. Since the inception of the company in 1992, it has become a premier global supplier of hatchery feed, with an emphasis on Artemia cysts (brine shrimp egg). Salt Creek produces a wide range of hatchery feeds, enrichments, farm feeds enhancements, and specialty products.

 Through strategic acquisitions Salt Creek is recognized throughout the industry as a leader in the manufacturing of high quality diets and Artemia. The skills of each team member, in a “Total Quality Management” approach, have provided a strong foundation in areas of research, production, and marketing. This synergy allows Salt Creek to fulfill its commitment to the industry through innovation.

 A Focus On Specialty Feed Manufacturing

 Salt Creek has one of the most successful and competitive harvest fleets on the Great Salt Lake, as well as long-term contract with independent fishermen. The company uses aircraft, a private communications network, and global positioning systems to compete on the lake. These operational tools, combined with a team of dedicated and hard working fishermen, pilots, and spotters, assure us a substantial annual harvest. Salt Creek has also begun a program to procure cysts from alternative sources of brine shrimp to augment its supply form the Great Salt Lake.

 Cyst processing is completed at the 63,000 square state-of-the-art production facility in Salt Lake City. Here, washing equipment, PLC-controlled fluidized bed dryers, classifiers, computer-controlled mixing, and special packaging equipment are employed to assure high quality standards for our Artemia cysts.  The end result is that Salt Creek’s Artemia cysts are known for their high hatch rates, excellent separations, and most important, consistency.

 With decades of knowledge as its foundation for success, the company has emerged from its modest beginnings to become a top supplier of Artemia cysts and other specialty larval diets.  Today, hatcheries around the world rely on our trusted local distributors to supply their hatchery feed needs.

 A Focus On Specialty Feed Manufacturing

 In 1997, Salt Creek acquired Microfeast, a leading larval feed manufacturer. Microfeast’s rich experience in the formulation and manufacture of specialty feed products, including micro-encapsulated diets, completes our goal to become a leader in the larval diet field.

 Through a cooperative effort between Salt Creek and major aquaculture institutions, our team of dedicated scientists conducts research and field trials to develop better products and improve existing diets. We are striving to improve the vehicle in which a complete package of essential nutrients is delivered to larvae, eventually developing the world’s first complete live food replacement. We will accomplish this through our dedication and determination for providing a cooperative effort of nature and technology.

 Late in the year 2000, Salt Creek acquired the brand Ocean Nutrition and certain business assets of Ocean Nutrition Corporation. With the addition of these assets Salt Creek entered the pet food market to further leverage its feed manufacturing technology and experience. Our goal is to become a significant player in this field, as we have in the aquaculture industry.

 Salt Creek International Presence.

 Salt Creek’s technical sales staff (biologist, chemist, and nutritionist) regularly visits customers offering technical support to end users as well as sales support for local distributors.  The company sponsors local lectures on optimizing the use of Artemia and other larval diets in hatcheries around the world.  Working closely with end users and our distributors help us understand the needs of our customers.

 Salt Creek’s overseas investments give the company a true taste of international business operations.  The company and a Thai partner out and operate a Panaeus monodon shrimp hatchery and grow out farm.  Both sites act as an initial proving ground for new products and technical procedures.  Another overseas investment is located in China, where pet food is manufactured for export to the United States.

Looking Forward

Salt Creek sees a bright future in the worldwide expansion of aquaculture. As natural resource limits are pushed to meet the demand for quality “seafood,” aquaculture will be vital to meet these needs.  Understanding this, Salt Creek’s management is eagerly investing in the future through research and development and by acquiring capital assets.  The company plans to grow with the industry by meeting customer’s new and challenging needs and continuing its commitment to quality.

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